Why to Choose the Distinctive Elephant Printed Tapestries from Jesmine?

Why to Choose the Distinctive Elephant Printed Tapestries from Jesmine?

Why to Choose the Distinctive Elephant Printed Tapestries from Jesmine?

Today has witnessed the changing fashion trends. The world has stepped forward from the ordinary leopard and zebra prints to something artistic having peace vibes. Animal printing is a trend that is loved everywhere, all the time.  From clothing to home décor, animal prints work always well. Jesmine is introducing a wide collection of elephant printed tapestries with timeless prints and patterns.

Following are the reasons which will inspire you to grab your favorite elephant printed tapestry.

Symbolic Importance:

These Elephant printed tapestries have an old-world charm to influence your space. An elephant has significant symbolic importance for endless thousands of years. It does not have only religious importance but also cultural values.

An elephant is considered as a symbol of strength and wisdom. These old age myths have strong importance. What you decorate, how you furnish and what you have? These statements play an important role in revealing your personality. Grab your favorite tapestries of elephant print to reveal your wisdom. 

Best Décor Piece:

Tapestries are a trendy idea to decorate the walls of your home. A few inches of a versatile tapestry can light up your space and can catch your attention like a marvelous piece of art.

Your home can become a quick source of fascination when embellished with an eye-catching tapestry. 

Microfiber Fabric:

Jesmine introduces you soft and bright tapestries made up of pure microfiber fabric.  Microfiber fabric is known best for its exceptional softness and durability. The finally knitted elephant tapestries with a perfect blend of colors look supreme.


Variety of Designs:

Not only the material matters but also the style matters. The style is everything that shows your taste and personality. Jesmine has introduced an endless variety of Elephant Prints tapestries with trendy designs. Have a look at them and pick the one you like most.

Indian Style Elephant Printed Wall Hanging Tapestry

Here is something unique and charming for our customers. This wall hanging tapestry is unique for its graphic portrayal of the elephant and exclusively representing Indian traditional art.  An artistic print of an elephant on blue floral tapestry looks charismatic. The combination of light brown color with white and blue looks so neat and unique to provide an elegant look to your space.

For more details and to grab Indian Style Elephant printed Wall Hanging Tapestry visit Jesmine’s online store.

Gray Elephants Colored Tapestry

Where there is a progress of digital items all around, the trend in digital printing of fabric is also no slower. A perfect digital print of a huge elephant with a background print of countryside is a right blend of colors. This wall hanging tapestry is unique in the most beautiful way that you can look in the picture. You can hang this tapestry inside your home in the common living room. You can also use it as an outdoor tapestry. This gray elephant tapestry is completely thrilled to provide energetic vibes to your space.

You can check more details and grab this Gray Elephant Colored Tapestry from Jesmine’s online store.

Beautiful Indian Elephant Tapestry

Tapestries are the best décor piece for every home. Tapestries can blend excellently with every type of home décor but all depends upon its designs. A colorful White elephant on black base fabric looks stunning. Not only a single elephant but he is also lifting up some luggage in red color, isn’t it attractive?

You can check more details and grab this Beautiful Indian Elephant Tapestry from Jesmine’s online store.

Rainbow Mandala Elephant Tapestry

Rainbow Mandala Elephant on white base fabric looks so cool. The innocent look of a little elephant on soft white fabric is making it more attractive. This tapestry is best to decorate the room of your kids. This is the best choice for those who have a humble personality and always look for peace and sophistication.

You can check more details and grab this Rainbow Mandala Elephant Tapestry from Jesmine’s online store.

Colorful Elephant Tapestry

 Here is something unique and charming for our customers. A light multi-colored elephant trunk is printed decently on snow-white soft microfiber fabric. The blend of multi colors on white looks so neat and fresh to provide an enchanted look to your bedroom.

You can get more details and buy Colorful Elephant Tapestry from Jesmine.com.au.

Elephant Wall Hanging Animal Twin Tapestry


Jesmine is bringing an exclusive offer for its customers. You can buy twin tapestries at a reasonable price. These colorful tapestries with an elephant trunk are all way ready to provide a new charming look to your space.


Grab your favorite Elephant Wall Hanging Animal Twin Tapestry before the stalk may end.


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