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Decorating a home is always an art. You would be amazed to know how a few decorating ideas can entirely change your home from a boring dull space to a bright and attractive space. Tapestries are a trendy idea to decorate the walls of your home. A few inches of a versatile tapestry can light up your space and can catch your attention like a marvelous piece of art. Your home can become a quick source of fascination when embellished with an eye-catching tapestry. 


Tapestry a Modern Decoration:

Tapestry is an easy and yet modern way to decorate your home. It is always fun to decorate your home with a tapestry. You need to be very creative while displaying tapestry because to display tapestry in the right way and at right space is the most necessary thing to make your space stylish and unique. It is a modern way of decorating walls and reminds you of historical wall art.


An Endless Variety of Designs:

Jesmine is introducing an endless collection of tapestries. In this blog, I will be some of the striking Tapestries from Jesmine’s wide collection along with the pictures for your inspiration. There are many ways to use wall tapestries. Everyone wants to renovate his room every single year. It’s naturally that human beings crave that their homes look marvelous and perfect. These different and modern tapestries can help you to light up your home in a stylish and unique way.


What Kind of Tapestries is Best?

There are different types of tapestries regarding their fabric. You will also find hand-woven tapestries which look beautiful no doubt but they are usually costly and not durable. It is hard to even wash handwoven tapestries and they are not long-lasting. So, what type of tapestries to buy then?  Jesmine is introducing you affordable and durable tapestries made up of high-quality microfiber fabric which are easy to use and handle.


Microfiber Fabric:

Jesmine introduces you soft and bright tapestries made up of pure microfiber fabric. 

Microfiber fabric is known best for its exceptional softness and durability. The finally knitted tapestries with a perfect blend of colors look supreme.


A Wide Collection of Tapestries:

You can get a wide range of different tapestries having unique colors and designs from Jesmine’s online store. From Mandala printing to Floral and Skull printing there are endless varieties of tapestries.


Mandala Print Tapestry

Mandala prints are our favorites because they provide good vibes and power energy to our space. Mandala tapestries are proficiently designed with perfect color schemes by our expert designers. The microfiber fabric of tapestries makes it exceptionally soft and wrinkle resistant. Our brand Jesmine has introduced endless designs of Mandala Tapestries by keeping in mind the very medicated fact of Mandala.

For more details and to purchase Mandala Print Tapestry visit Jesmine’s online store.



Dreamcatcher Printed Wall Hanging Colorful Tapestry

Black always looks graceful and if it is jet black no other color can beat its grace. This black dream catcher tapestry is one of our luxury designs and a tribute to grace.  This luxury has colorful feathers with bohemia print on black satin fabric.  This tapestry is going to charm up into hues of grace and uniqueness. Feathers are hanging from the upper side of the tapestry the other side is plain, that looks amazing. I personally love this so much. Look in the picture, the beauty due to which people are getting crazy so I.

 Check and grab this luxury Dreamcatcher Printed Wall Handing Colorful Tapestry from Jesmine’s online store.



Sugar Skull and Floral Tapestry

Where there is a trend of art, the skull art has its strong grounds.  The skull appreciation society is the fastest-growing skull marketplace. Skull Appreciation Society is the community of like-minded and creative souls who show their passion for the iconic skull. Jesmine is offering best skull designed tapestries based on quality and style.


Grab and check this Sugar Skull and Floral Tapestry and many more Skull designed tapestries from Jesmine’s online store.


Galaxy Golden Print Tapestry

Galaxy Golden Print Tapestry is a pure art piece of décor for your home. It provides a vintage touch to your home and enhances its artistic values. A golden bohemian design with handing feathers surrounded by galaxy system is printed on black fine fabric that looks truly unique and artistic.  Galaxy Golden Print Tapestry is a perfect décor piece for your home to create a bright, unique and stylish look.

Grab and check this Galaxy Golden Print Tapestry and many more golden tapestries from Jesmine’s online store.


All the tapestries collection introduced above are unique and stylish in their own way.  Are not they stylish? Jesmine a single online store which does not only give compliments about style but it also assures you about quality. Above are the few tapestries from a wide range of tapestries. You can purchase them easily from Jesmine’s online store with an easy payment policy.






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