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Why choosing a silk bed cover is always the best choice?

Are you bored of having ordinary bedcovers? Are you also thinking to style your bedroom in a bright way? It is considered healthy to bring a change in your space if not twice at least once a year. Living in the same style for many years makes you bore and dull. A bright change always brings a pleasant impact on your mood.  This time Jesmine is introducing luxury silk bedding, an entire bright and royal collection for its loyal customers. Check this Silk Duvet collection and bring a change from ordinary cotton bedding by grabbing your favorite silk bedding cover.

There are a large number of varieties in silk bedding collection and also Kangaroo Colorful Splash Duvet Cover Set, below I am sharing some of the most beautiful bedding covers from our online store Jesmine.com.au.


Soft and Pure Silk Bed Sets:

These bedding sets are made up of 100% pure silk. These silk bedding sets have a soft texture and they are very smooth to touch.

Healthy For Hair:

Silk Bedding Covers are considered healthy for your hair because it is smooth enough to create very less friction in your hair. Silk has the capability to soothe your skin and it does not create any damage to your hair by not absorbing natural oil of your hair.  So, silk is healthy not for your skin only but also for your hair too. As an average person spends approximately five to eight hours on his bed so one must be very selective and conscious while purchasing bedding set. A sound sleep is necessary for sound health and for the sound sleep you must have to choose a soft and quality bedding set.

Royal Bedding:

It is not wrong to say that silk is one of the most expensive fabrics. It is considered as a royal fabric because of its soft texture and smoothie touch. Silk enhance the grace of your living space because of its shiny and soft texture.

Affordable and Durable Bedding Sets:

At first glance, you will find silk bedding expensive to buy but if you look deeply it is an investment on your health. Silk fabric gives you a smooth touch so you can enjoy your hours of sleep without any unpleasant situation.  Its soft texture makes you fall asleep easily and makes you enjoy stress less sleep.  So it is good to invest in your hours of sleep.

Moreover, this silk bedding collection is durable and last longing. It is 100% pure silk and its texture does not catch with a rough surface like common polyester sheets. We assure you nonrisky purchase.

 A Wide Range of Variety:

Jesmine is introducing a wide range of silk bedding variety which is different in colors and unique in style. Slay in your favorite silk bedding cover this time and enjoy your periods of sleep.  

Golden Solid Silk Embroidered Cover Set

This eleven set royal silk embroidered bedding set is beautiful enough to enchant your bedroom. You can also gift it to a newly married couple because it is perfectly silky and smooth. Its unique color and superior quality make it stand out of the crowd. With a remarkable fancy artwork, this bed set highlights the impression of your bedroom in an exquisite manner.

Grab Golden Solid Embroidered Silk Bedding Cover Set from Jesmine online store.

Embroidered Bedding Cover Set

This embroidered silk variety has five beddings sets in five different beautiful colors. Each color is unique in its own way. You can’t resist yourself from buying after having a look upon these bedding covers.

This turquoise embroidered bedding set is blue-to-green in shade. Isn’t it such a cool and unique color for your dream bedroom?

There are also pink, sky blue, purple and red colored silk bedding covers are available. To grab your favorite embroidered silk bedding set and for more details visit Jesmine's Online Store.


Jacquard Pattern Duvet Cover Set

Jacquard is so in nowadays. A few days back, I was doing online shopping all the familiar top brands were having jacquard printed ladies collection. So, ladies, it is a piece of good news for your that Jesmine has introduces Jacquard pattern silk bedding set so that you may not stand outdated.

It has two beautiful sets, one is purple jacquard duvet cover set and the second one is brown jacquard duvet cover set. Both are beautiful in their own unique ways, you grab your favorite one from our online store.

 Our stunning Silk bedding collection has royal patterns. Grab your favorite bedding set before the stalk may run out.

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