Trending Now: Jesmine’s Bohemian Collection with Soft Hues

Trending Now: Jesmine’s Bohemian Collection with Soft Hues

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Trending Now: Jesmine’s Bohemian Collection with Soft Hues

Bedrooms are one of the most comfortable places where we spend most of the time and everybody wants his bedroom as comfy as stylish. Bedding Sets offer a finishing touch to the room’s décor scheme and a great combination can give an elegant, stylish and up to date look to your rooms. You can get stylish rooms all because of just a few squares of fabric. There are not any tough rules to choose the design of your bed duvets set; all this depends upon your personal preferences. Below, I am showing you beautiful designs of bedding sets from our collection of Bohemian Duvet Covers.

The microfiber fabric of the bedding set makes it excellently soft and wrinkle resistant. Our brand has designed both the duvet covers and pillowcases perfectly by keeping in mind the medicated fact of Mandala.


Stylish Visual Impact:

Our brand has hired the proficient designers to create perfect Bohemian Graphics. Bohemian Bedding sets are our favorites because they provide good vibes and power energy to our bedrooms. Bohemian bedding sets are proficiently designed with the use of perfect color schemes by our expert designers.


Wide Variety:

We have a number of varieties in Bohemian Bedding sets. Specialty is that the right mix of colors provides charm to every single duvet. The vibrant colors of all sets have been created especially not to fade on washing. All the Bed Sets include Duvet соvеr, twо matching ріllоwсаѕеѕ (USA Full, Dоublе, Queen & Kіng) or оnе mаtсhіng ріllоwсаѕе (AU Sіnglе & USA Twіn).


Product Material:

All the products are made up of microfiber fabric. Generally, microfiber fabric includes fibers that are finer. Microfiber fabric is finer than wool, three times finer than cotton, and more than twice as fine as silk. The outstanding characteristics of microfibers include exceptional strength, although the filaments are super fine, improved breathability, durability, lighter weight and comfort of natural fibers.

Microfiber fabric is known best for its softness. We never compromise with quality and style. The colors are fade resistant and these duvet covers are easy to wash and handle.




This bedding set has a beautiful shade of pink with its extra soft fabric that you can’t resist yourself from buying it. A floral bohemian print in the middle of the plane duvet cover and two pillow covers look perfectly fine and attractive.

For more details and to purchase this beautiful Bohemian Floral Colorful Bedding Set visit Jesmine’s online store.



Floral Bohemian print in pink and purple shades is printed on the entire duvet cover and also on matching pillowcases. It looks so attractive and charming to bring a soft fresh change in your bedroom.

For more details and to purchase this beautiful Bohemian Bedding Set Floral Duvet Cover visit Jesmine’s online store.




This light blue shade is fulfilling what we promise you to furnish your rooms with soft hues. The perfect graph of bohemian flower in the middle of the light blue quilt cover and the pillows looks very graceful.  This beautiful duvet cover set with soft colors will provide an elegant look to your bedroom. This is one of the most sophisticated duvet cover set and best for guest rooms.

For more details and to purchase this beautiful Bohemian Printed Duvet Cover Set visit Jesmine’s online store.




A very lively bedding set full of soft hues is ready to furnish your bedrooms with a fresh look. The feathers are printed around the round floral bohemian print and look graceful. The extra softness of its fabric is what makes this bedding set more attractive and reliable.

You can check more details about it from Jesmine’ s online store and can grab this beautiful Bohemian Pink and Blue Duvet Bedding Set just to enhance the elegance of your bedrooms.


We are providing the best cozy bed sets for our customers. If you are looking for stylish bed sets, here we are promising to provide you one of the most demanding products of our online store to enhance the beauty of your bedrooms. We assure you that the Bohemian Bed sets will furnish your bedrooms with elegance and finesse. 

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