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The word Mandala means a ‘discoid object’ or ‘circle’. Mandala belongs to the Asian tradition as an instrument of meditation. Mandala is an artistic way of representing the spiritual universe.  The Swiss Psychoanalyst Carl Jung related the word Mandala to the Psychological life by saying “a mandala is the Psychological expression of totality of the self.”




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Mandala Cushion Covers are our favourites because they provide good vibes and power energy to our space. Mandala bedding sets are proficiently designed with perfect colour schemes by our expert designers. The microfiber fabric of Cushions makes it exceptionally soft and wrinkle resistant. Our brand Jesmine has introduced endless designs of Mandala Cushion Covers by keeping in mind the very medicated fact of Mandala.

Cushions are the most used thing in home.  Cushion remain in front of us and all around whenever we are at home, means we spend most time by looking and using cushions. A slight change in cushions cover can give your space a charming and great look. A beautiful and unique cushion cover can surely provide a polishing look to your home. If you are thinking that your mind is messed up and you are overwhelmed by thoughts and stress, surely it is a time for a little change. Check out our Mandala Cushion Covers and enjoy the meditated provision of Mandalas.



Vintage Cobalt Blue Mandala Cushion Cover:

Mandala is much more than a circle and its various designs are used as symbols of protection, wholeness, healing and meditation by many people across the globe. If you are looking for a pure and sacred realm, Mandala Cushion Covers are the perfect one to facilitate you with a healthy environment.

Check out this beautiful cushion cover made up of microfiber fabric and is unique in its colours, providing you vintage standard. A fresh blue coloured Mandala design is printed on snowy white base fabric, looks unique and great.



Buy Vintage Cobalt Blue Mandala Cushion Cover from our online store and provide an artistic look to your space.




Blue and Green Mandala Flower Cushion Cover:

This cushion is pretty combination of blue and green. Floral Mandala is designed on microfiber fabric providing you hypnotized look.





 For more details about the product and to buy Blue and Green Mandala Flower Cushion Cover visit our website.




Mandala Cushion Cover Floral:

A cool combination of black and white is unique and bold in all the times. This floral black and white Mandala Cushion cover looks very stunning. Black and white always provide a very neat and fresh look.



Buy Mandala Cushion Cover Floral and give a stunning look to your home.




Pink and Purple Glowing Mandala Cushion Cover:

This cushion cover is ready to supply a glowing impact to your home with pink and purple colours. The glowing pink and purple mandala cushion cover is surely gonna provide gleam look to your space.



Buy this Pink and Purple Glowing Mandala Cushion Cover to furnish your home with glowing deem.




Pink Mandala Flower Cushion Cover:

Floral Mandala Cushion Cover in pink colour looks seriously cute and charming. Pink is always associated with sweetness. To provide a pleasant and happy effects to your space, you must check our Pink Mandala Flower Cushion Cover.



Buy Pink Mandala Flower Cushion Cover to furnish your space with charming and sweet look.




Round Mandala Cushion Cover:

Not only square shaped Mandala Cushion Covers, we also have round shaped mandala Cushion Covers. Here I am sharing one round Mandala Cushion Cover out of wide range. I have shared some more mandala designs in my previous blog that’s about Bohemian Cushion Covers. In Bohemian Cushions Collection we have many Mandala Bohemian Designs.

This Round Mandala Cushion Cover is blue in colour and made up of microfiber fabric. Floral Mandala designs with emerging lines from centre to sides in blue colour looks creative. Pompom lace is also attached to its edges to provide a clear and neat finishing.



Buy this beautiful Round Mandala Cushion Cover to provide unique and creative looks to your space.



Jesmine has hired the proficient designers to create a perfect graphic of Mandala. These specially designed Mandala Cushion Covers will help to stimulate creative thing and to release emotions, fears, tension, stress, and anxiety. The reflective purpose of Mandala releases the emotional blockages and controls worrying. Our aim is always to provide healthy and stylish as well as quality products to our customers. All these cushion covers are perfect home décor pieces to develop a unique and bright space. For more details Visit our website We assure you non-risky purchase . Good Luck 😊. 













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