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Top Best Shower Curtains

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Top Best Shower Curtains

Bathrooms are an important part of a home. Keeping your bathroom up to date is as essential in today’s world as we run with the world. Your busy life or tight budget cannot fix a tired bathroom for you if you only sacrifice some amount in styling your washroom. You can turn your washroom into a fresh new look by simply changing the bathroom shower curtain. You will be amazed to see that how a few meters of fabric entirely change the tired look of your washroom into a whole luxurious look. Keeping in view the necessity of a wholly fresh look for your washroom, the team Jesmine has decided to give a satisfactory review of best good-looking  Shower Curtains and Liners.

In this blog, I am sharing some beautiful to quality shower curtains with their snaps and fabric description with you to make your washrooms beautiful, modern, and protective. I have picked the top 15 shower curtains and liners for your easy excess to top best Australian Shower curtains and liners.



ARICHOMY Water Repellent Shower Curtain Set - The Best Choice for Your Bathroom


Of all the shower curtains, I have found Arichomy Water Repellent Shower Curtain the best one. It is not just affordable but also high in quality. Is not it everything you need for your bathroom along with stylish design? Yes, I am sure it would be your best choice. I grabbed it a few months back and amazingly its color is still fresh and it totally brightens my bathroom.



Best Mildew Repellent:
The shower curtain is water-resistant so if you do not have any fan or dehumidifier in your bathroom, this is the best choice for you. I am so satisfied with this curtain because it does not create humidity in the washroom.



Shower Curtain Quality:

The fabric of this shower curtain is strongly built polyester which makes it quite sturdy and shiny. The top-quality tested polyester makes it water resistant. Water dries out quickly from it. Due to top quality, its colors are fade resistant. The attached grommets are made up of pure metal and therefore are rust proof. Its best quality enhances the durability of the shower curtain.
This shower curtain is neatly stitched. The finishing lines are stitched neatly to give a graceful and elegant touch.

Easy to Handle and Use:

The curtain is easily washable. However, it does not catch dust and the water drops dry out quickly from it so it remains clean for so long. But if you feel it dirty you can simply wash it in a machine. Metal hooks are attached to the curtain so you can effortlessly use it. Fine quality attached hooks do not pop off while moving the curtains. These hooks easily move on the road in a quick way and do not annoy you.
Due to its water repellent quality, the shower curtain does not create a mess in your washroom. Your washroom will remain clean and fresh.

Fresh Colors Brighten your Bathroom:

The design of arichomy shower curtains is so stylish and the colors so fresh and funky to brighten your bathroom with its luxurious charm. Many colors are available in this design blue, pink, golden, grey, and green. All the colors are innovative and nicely blend with a white base color. It is recommended to choose a color that matches your bathroom’s theme.
Fine quality hooks are attached which do not pop off while moving the curtains. These hooks easily move on the road in a quick way and do not annoy you.

  1. Waffle Weave Fabric Shower Curtain another top best option for those who are a little picky in their choices:

Waffle Weave Fabric Shower Curtain gives a luxurious touch to your bathroom. I picked this beautiful Diamond Waffle Shower Curtain from Amazon and I am not regretting it.

Strong Fabric:

At first, the fabric looks like hard cotton with a slight mixture of polyester. We thought there would be need of a Shower Liner with this curtain but this was not the case. When we tested the curtain by dropping some water quantity on it, the fabric of the curtain did not absorb water and water sprinkles like beads upon it. If it does absorb some quantity of water, it would be very less quantity as the water dries out quickly from it. So you can use this curtain easily without a shower liner. But if you do not want to put this beautiful shower curtain into the bathtub, you can use a transparent shower liner along with it. Otherwise, this shower curtain is perfectly fine and wide enough to cover your bathtub without an extra shower liner. As the water dries out quickly and easily, the shower curtain remains fresh and clean.

Luxurious Look:

The sophisticated and beautiful texture of Waffle Weave provides a luxurious look to your bathroom. The neat finishing edges stitched by an expert tailor, adds grace to the shower curtain.

High-Quality Metal Grommets:

Metal grommets of good quality are attached to the curtain. These metal grommets are rust-resistant. You will recognize its quality at the very first touch.

Simple yet Elegant:

It is the fine texture and high quality that makes this simple Waffle Weave Shower Curtain graceful and elegant. Such a fine fabric with this budget is exciting me a lot. There are different soft and sophisticated colors are available in this curtain and trust me all the colors have equal grace. Check and grab your favorite color and make your bathroom fresh and luxurious with a slight change.

  1. Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner another Bright Option for your Bathroom:

This shower curtain liner is the best option to brighten your bathroom. This curtain liner is made up of durable EVA material. That is a soft plastic rubber-like material.

Odorless Bright Curtain:

I found this Shower curtain a kind of shower liner. Its bright transparent look entirely brightens your bathroom. Our team Jesmine tested that the curtain does not produce a strange odor itself as these kinds of stuff seem to produce an odd stench. Its transparent light crystal look totally brightens the washroom.

Tips: Light transparent curtains provide an airy look to your washroom. Adding to your information, these bright colors naturally provide a feeling of wideness to your place. So if you have a narrow bathroom this shower curtain is the top best option.

High Quality Stuff:

The fabric of the shower curtain is quite sturdy and thick. The fabric is top quality EVA not a cheap quality PVC so you do not need to worry about the stuff. Jesmine always cares for its clients so we only share the worth keeping things. For your knowledge, in the market there are many low quality PVC fabric curtains that are not durable and even emit toxic odor. This shower curtain liner is healthy for your environment and durable too. We tested it. It is strong enough that its thick layer does not easily tear up.

  1. Stylish 3D Printed Shower Curtain Liner:

This water-resistant EVA fabric shower curtain has an appealing 3D pebble print which looks aesthetic and artistic that you cannot resist yourself from grabbing one.

Water Resistant Shower Curtain:

Because of its material, this shower curtain is purely water resistant. You can blindly rely on this shower curtain and also use it as a shower liner.
Attached Magnets; Do not Disturb you while taking Shower:
This shower curtain has three equally sized attached magnets in its bottom. So, the shower stays at its place and stays around your shower area in a quite satisfying way. Water does not come to the out of this shower curtain as the attached magnets do not let the curtain to wave because of air. Last but not least, this beautiful bright curtain does not irritate you by attaching to your body while taking a shower.

Easy to Handle and Install:

This transparent 3D printed shower curtain has twelve attached rings so you can easily install it in your washroom. The attached rings are good in quality so curtain moves quickly and does not irritate you by sticking in the rod.

Do not Machine Wash:

You do not require to wash this curtain in the machine. Generally, it does not get dirty but still if you want to wash you can gently wash it by hand.

  1. JRing Shower Curtain an Elegant Option for Your Calm Personality:

This wide lengthy polyester shower curtain is also top in my recommendation list. If you have a calm nature and like something sophisticated, nice yet elegant and different, here is the better option for you. The modish grey colored JRing Shower curtain looks very graceful.

Easiest Option in Busy Life:

This Shower curtain is easy to handle. If it gets dirty, you can comfortably wash it in the machine. Its strong fiber does not get rough after washing and dries quickly because of polyester. So if you are living a busy life, this is the better option for you.

Polyester Fabric:

The fabric of Shower Curtain is good quality polyester which makes it durable. The texture of the material looks so neat and refined that it enhances its grace. Due to the good quality polyester shower curtain remains shinny.

Water Proof Shower Curtain:

This JRing shower curtain is fully water resistant. It is made up of strong water resistant plastic material along with polyester so it does not absorb water. Due to its water resistant quality it does not create a mess in your bathroom. Water dries out quickly so you do not need an extra Shower Liner with it.

Attached Hooks Do not Annoy:

Good quality hooks are attached to the curtain so you do not require getting new hooks. More, these hooks do not disturb you by sticking on the road as they are rust-free. These hooks help the curtain to move quickly and gently without annoying you.

  1. Volens White Ruffle Shower Curtain has Royal Grace to Light Up your Bathroom:

This White Ruffle Shower Curtain is truly beautiful and loving. Because of its unique flare style, it stands elegantly out of the rush.
Heavenly Flares Provide Cozy Touch to Bathroom:
These white ruffles are truly heavenly. These cozy flares naturally provide homey feelings. I am sure you would absolutely love this shower curtain.

Good Fabric:

The fabric of this shower curtain is fine quality polyester. It is an adequate fabric that makes the curtain graceful. This good fabric gives a class to this lovely curtain.

Recommended to Use with Shower Liner:

This raffle shower curtain is of good quality polyester but this is not strong water resistant. So, it is recommended to use a shower liner along this raffle curtain to avoid messy washroom. Adding more, that shower liner will also protect your beautiful celestial shower curtain.

Easy to Use and Wash:

The fabric is so friendly that you can easily wash it in the machine. Handling this tough curtain is not a headache. This friendly curtain can also be used for windows instead of the bathroom shower curtain.

Fine Stitching:

The curtain is stitched expertly that the beautiful flares are handled skillfully. The flares flow very beautifully. The fine stitching adds neatness and elegance to the curtain.

A Better Luxurious Option:

I opine that this beguiling ruffle shower curtain is a better option for luxurious bathrooms. Honestly, it provides a relaxed feel to you. More precisely, it looks sophisticated.

Good Quality hooks are also attached to the curtain.

  1. Lush Decor Button Shower Curtain an Absolute Decorative Option for Your Bathroom:

If you are style concerned, this Décor Shower curtain is an option for you. It is perfectly a gentle décor piece for your bathroom. Decorative buttons are ornamented on the curtain which makes it unique and attractive. Two colors are used in the curtain. Light blue upper side with a hanging frill portion of white color looks fancy. There are also different colors of the upper part are available but we picked blue and white.

Heavy Cotton Fabric:

The fabric of this shower curtain is very heavy. It is not pure cotton but seems durable. The fabric is a fine blend of cotton and linen. It hangs properly.
Shower Liner is Necessary:
This décor shower curtain cannot absorb water so a shower liner is a basic need for it.

Easily Washable:

The button shower curtain is easily washable in the machine. It is not difficult to handle.

  1. Thistle Fabric Shower Curtain - a Lustrous Squint for your Bathroom:

If you are bored with the dull bathroom and strict routine, here is a satisfactory change for you. This glossy Thistle Shower Curtain provides a sleek look to your bathroom. A very pleasing design of this beautiful curtain will touch your heart. The scanty thistles are printed on the grey base fabric and it looks quite smooth and sophisticated.

Polyester Fabric:

This beautiful shiny Shower Curtain is made up of a hundred percent polyester fabric that is why it is wrinkle resistant. This high quality fabric makes the shower curtain durable and sheeny. You can easily wash it in the machine and it dries quickly because of pure polyester. At every wash, it will remain shiny and fresh.

A Very Stitching with Good Ends:

Stitching ends of the shower curtain are neatly sewed by expert tailors. Neat stitching of the curtain makes it more graceful.

Button Holes for Curtain Hanging Hooks:

There are twelve buttonholes for hanging hooks. However, there are no attached hooks with this thistle shower curtain like all other shower curtains which I shared above. So, you need a little more effort to get hooks for this curtain. But getting hooks is not a difficult task you can simply order it online from a reliable online shopping store. However, I used the previous hooks of my old curtain. You can also use the old hooks but the choice is totally yours.

Use with Transparent Water Liner:

Thistle fabric shower curtain is made up of polyester. It does not act as a water repellent. However, it resists only a small amount of water and does not quickly absorb water but it somehow does not act as a water barrier. So it is recommended to use a transparent water liner along with this lustrous shower curtain. In another case, this thistle shower curtain is one-sided printed and the other side of the curtain is white. As we all know white easily gets dirty and a dull white fabric does not please anyone. So a transparent water liner is basically necessary for both cases. There are a lot of Shower Liners in the market. 

  1. EPICA Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner – a Water Barrier:

This simple yet unique because of its high quality material does not only act as a water barrier but also as a mildew resistant. Very clear and fine crystal-like vinyl material is used for this transparent Shower Liner.

Mildew Resistant:

This Shower Liner does not only resist water but also mildew. It repels water sprinkles overs it. As it absorbs zero percent water and let the sprinkled water to dry out quickly so it does not welcome any mildew to grow upon it. That is why it does not produce a bad odor. It also acts as an antibacterial shower liner. Bacteria grow at dirty and wet places and this curtain is water repellent so it is a kind of anti-bacterial. It is also a perfect choice for allergy patients and health-conscious persons because of its healthy properties.


It is also necessary to keep the bathrooms airy and clean to resist mildew and bacteria from growing. Because no matter, how a good quality product you grab, it at least gets attacked by things like bacteria and mildew if you do not take care of its cleanliness.

Heavy Duty Shower Liner:

This transparent shower liner is not an ordinary thin liner. It is quite heavy. We tested that its good quality fabric does not tear apart. It can stay at its position without magnets because the liner itself is heavy enough.

Attached Grommets:

Attached grommets are rust free and made up of good quality metal.

  1. Amazer Bath Plastic Shower Curtain: A Better Shower Curtain Option as well as a Better Shower Liner:

Our team tested and found Amazer Bath Plastic Shower Curtain a better option in all cases as it can stand alone as both a shower liner and a shower curtain at a time. There are many colors available in this Shower Curtain but I picked transparent one in order to compare it with Epica Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner. Amazingly, I found this Plastic Shower Curtain friendlier than Epica Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner.

Crustal Clear Stones at Bottom:

Although this plastic shower curtain is also heavy like Epica Shower Curtain Liner. there are attached crystal decorative rocks at its bottom to avoid any unpleasant situation. Due to these attached stones, the curtain stays strictly at its place and does not disturb you while taking a bath.

Good Quality Plastic Shower Curtain Liner:

Moreover, the attached grommets are of good quality metal. It is strong water and mildew resistant. It does not require washing. Cleaning it with some piece of cloth makes it perfectly fresh after use.
You can grab this transparent plastic shower curtain liner to use it as a liner or you can get any of your favorite color of this curtain to utilize it as a shower curtain and liner both.

  • HOME Fabric Shower Stall Curtain Liner- A Reasonable Option for Your Bathroom:

This is two in one Curtain. You can use it as a shower curtain as well as a shower liner. This home-friendly shower curtain is decorative in its rich different colors. You can choose any color out of its different varieties. All the colors are unique in their own way.

Luxury Decorative Bathroom:

You can turn your boring dull bathroom into a wholly fresh new look with a few inches of fabric. The rich strong hues of this simple plain shower curtain liner provide a luxury look to your bath space.

Soft Polyester Fabric:

This home shower curtain does not have hard sturdy plastic stuff but soft textured polyester. The soft fabric does not mean that it is not of good quality. The fabric is quite good and also water resistant. Therefore, it is suitable for your home. This shower curtain is of superior quality fabric that nicely repels the water. Due to the high quality, the curtain seems durable.

Grommets of good quality metal are attached to the shower curtain. The bottom of the curtain is heavy and neatly stitched. This N&Y home shower curtain liner has a satisfactory quality so you do not need to worry.

12.Aimjerry Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain- a Prime Choice for Black Lovers: In this geometric print, no other color looks attractive as black does. Shinny rich black shower curtain is truly what everyone desires in his luxury romantic washroom.

Top Quality Shower Curtain:

The fabric of the shower curtain is good quality polyester. It is also water repellent. Due to sublime quality fabric, this shower curtain looks silky and shiny. It is recommended to use a simple shower liner with this to protect your beautiful shower curtain. Otherwise, this shower curtain can stand alone without a shower liner because it does not absorb water.

Attached Grommets of Good Quality Metal:

Silver grommets of good quality metal are attached. These grommets are rust repellent because of its sublime quality.

Easy to Wash:

You can easily wash your curtain in the machine. All you need to put a required amount of water and detergent in the machine. You can effortlessly wash this curtain and at every wash you will get it fresh.

A Luxurious Feel in your Bathroom:

No matter how long you use it, at every wash you will get a spotless and fresh curtain. There are few other colors in this chevron print but the black color has its own class and shines for a luxurious look. It will completely turn your bathroom into a splendor look. This black Aimjerry Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain is a whole pretty option for your bathroom.
13. Grey Colored Barossa Designed Fabric Shower Curtain – an Elegant Choice for Your Bathroom:

This Barossa designed grey shower curtain is a unique and graceful choice for your bathroom.

Refined Texture:

This shower curtain has a very refined and sophisticated Barossa design. Its cultivated texture makes it stand out of the crowd of ordinary shower curtains.

Thick Fabric:

The fabric of the shower curtain is polyester and it is very thick as it repels water. Due to its thickness, it stays at its place and does not touch your body while taking a shower.

Water Repellent:

The Grey Barossa Shower Curtain is made up of polyester and it resists water. It does not absorb water easily. Because of the good quality fabric, this shower curtain works very fine.

Nicely Stitched Shower Curtain:

After a good quality and style, it is the stitching skills that refine any product. The curtain is stitched neatly with fine ends. These finely stitched ends enhance its grace.

Washable Curtain:

This curtain is also easily washable like Aimjerry Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain. Its good quality fabric does not let it fade away. After wash, the curtain remains fresh and firm.

Rust Resistant Grommets:

Good quality metal grommets are attached to the curtain which enhances its durability. There are a total of twelve grommets in this curtain. You can use old hooks and pass them from these metal wholes to hang the curtain in the bathroom.
14.Comfort Spaces Windsor Bathroom Shower Pieced Ruffle – A Stylish Option for Your Bathroom:

This grey and black shower curtain is a very pretty and sophisticated modern option for your bathroom. You would surely love it. The front side of this shower curtain has a drape design of grey and black stripes while the back of the shower curtain is plane and grey in color. The shades of light and dark grey in front side the shower curtain provide a gentle touch.

Microfiber Fabric Shower Curtain:

This shower curtain is made up of high quality microfiber fabric. Microfiber fabric makes it durable and shiny.

Button Holes:

There are sufficient buttonholes in the shower curtain to hang it with the help of hooks. Hooks can easily cross through these holes.

Easy Washable:

This shower curtain can be washed effortlessly in a machine without getting worried about its color and fabric.

Neatly Stitched:

The shower curtain is stitched nicely with fine ends. Its nice stitching provides neat touch to the curtain.

Recommended - Shower Liner:

A shower liner is recommended to use along with this shower curtain as the curtain is thin and it does not repel water properly.
This shower curtain looks nice in the bathroom. It provides a soft gentle touch to the bathroom. I absolutely love it.
Everything has its pros and cons. One cannot judge one thing by skipping the characteristics of the other. Everything has its own characteristics and its own benefits. Above is a brief review of top shower curtains and best shower liners for your ease. So you can easily pick your best shower curtain without getting worried about its style, features, and durability. In this article, I have reviewed top quality shower curtains having different features. Some shower curtains can be used as two in one. They can work both as a shower curtain and shower liner. Some Shower curtains are the best decorative piece. Some shower curtains add elegance and grace to your bathroom. All these shower curtains are stitched neatly and have holes for hanging the curtain. You will be happy to grab a shower curtain of your choice.
If you want a good quality decorative curtain, you can look for any of these curtains:-
·        Aimjerry Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain
·        Comfort Spaces Windsor Bathroom Shower Pieced Ruffle Pattern Modern Elegant
·        Lush Decor Button Shower Curtain
·        Volens White Ruffle Shower Curtain Farmhouse Fabric Cloth Shower Curtains for Bathroom
·        JRing Shower Curtain Polyester Fabric
·        Thistle Fabric Shower Curtain, Modern Mildew-Resistant Bath Curtain for Master Bathroom
·        ARICHOMY Shower Curtain Set Bathroom Fabric Fall Curtains Waterproof Colorful
You can beautifully set your washroom with any of these nice shower curtains.

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