Time to Slay in Subtle Round Beach Towels Assembled in Beautiful Bohemian Designs

Time to Slay in Subtle Round Beach Towels Assembled in Beautiful Bohemian Designs

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Time to Slay in Subtle Round Beach Towels Assembled in Beautiful Bohemian Designs


Towels are one of the most desired and required items of beach and pool sides. Towels offer protection from sand and sun as well as help you to dry water from your bodies, and a high-quality towel with soft fabric and look make you feel proud in the crowd of a beach. You can get the stylish look all because of just a few squares of fabric. Below, I am showing you beautiful designs of towels from our collection of Bohemian Prints.

Jesmine.com.au has been making its customers happy by introducing a collection of popular bohemian round towels. Our team is fulfilling its aim to satisfy its customers with stylish and quality products.


Towel Fabric:

The entire unicorn round towels are made up of highly qualified microfiber fabric which is known best for its extra softness. The soft texture of the towel is going to soothe your skin that you would truly love its touch.

Style with Quality:

All the bohemian round towels are not only stylish in designs but also high in quality. All the colors are fade resistant. As the concern of style matters, we always touch the trends of the globe.  All the designs are interesting and enchanted. You will not find even a single design dull or boring. All the digital bohemian prints are perfectly fine to provide you a real look. All the rounds towels are durable with sturdy thread finishing. The finishing threads are strong and neat to give a little more graceful and elegant touch.




A very beautiful digital print of hanging feathers with a ring looks cool on a purple towel. Pink and blue butterflies are also there on feathers. The colors are so fresh and the print is so fine that you will surely love it. Jesmine never compromises with style and quality.



For more details and to purchase Butterfly Bohemian Round Towel, visit our online store jasmine.com.au.





Mandala Tassel Round Towel is pinkish in the shade so ladies get excited about it. The print is so fine and perfect that the heart-shaped tassel looks like a heart of real tassel.  The hanging feathers in beautiful colors make it more attractive.


For more details and to purchase Mandala Tassel Round Towel, visit our website.





Hipster Watercolor Mandala Towel is the most graceful towel just because of the snowy white fabric and mandala circle with hanging feathers printed on it. White always looks graceful. Hanging feathers with mandala ring in brown color look enough graceful.

For more details and to purchase Hipster Water Color Mandala Towel, visit our website.





A blend of baby pink and sky blue always looks cool. This Bohemia Printed Round Towel is one of our luxury designs and a tribute to grace.  This luxury towel has colorful feathers as well as the wings attached with a ring.  This towel is going to charm up into hues of grace and uniqueness. Feathers are hanging on the lower side of the ring and the wings are attached with the upper angel of both side of the ring that looks amazing. I personally love this so much. Look in the picture, the beauty due to which people are getting crazy so I am also.



For more details and to purchase this Bohemia printed Round Towel, visit our website.





Hey Ladies! This is so fresh so enchanted. Jesmine has specially introduced these attractive towels to upgrade your poolside essentials. Such a perfect portrait of hanging floral feathers with a ring, that you will truly aww after having a look on it. The blend of colors is so fresh and perfect that I myself is getting crazy to grab it. This exclusive towel from our dream-catcher is surely gonna fresh up your pool stays. Grab this beautiful round towel and catch your dreams.



For more details and to purchase Flowers Feathers Dreamcatcher Beach Towel, visit our online store.




A perfect portrait of a colorful floral ring on jet black towel fabric is everything you need to chill up your beach and pool baths. This Floral Printed Large Round Towel looks truly fabulous.

For more details and to purchase this fabulous Floral Printed Large Round Towel, visit our website.




Look this shade of green and blue, you can’t resist yourself from falling in love with it. A floral ring with hanging feathers in hypnotizing colors looks so adorable.


For more details and to purchase this mesmerizing Flower Leaves Dreamcatcher Beach Towel, visit our online store.




You haven’t seen such a perfectly fine digital print before. Our experts have designed it skillfully. A golden moon in a circled manner with colorful hanging feathers looks so fascinating on getting a black towel.


For more details and to grab Night Moon Colorful Round Beach Towel, visit our online store.





Light colors have their own charm and neatness, that’s exactly this Pink Dream-catcher Round Beach Towel has. A cool Mandala circle with hanging feathers in neat and white color on pink towel looks peaceful to settle our mind calmly.

For more details and to purchase Pink Dreamcatcher Round Beach Towel, visit our website.

All the Round Towels from Feather Bohemian Collection are exceptionally perplexing and unique both in color and prints. We assure you non-risky purchase. Visit online, and grab your favorite one before the stock may end.

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