Time to Provide Power Energy to Your Space by Grabbing Mandala Tapestries

Time to Provide Power Energy to Your Space by Grabbing Mandala Tapestries

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Time to Provide Power Energy to Your Space by grabbing Mandala Tapestries

If you are stressed because of your hectic and dull routine then it is time to get healed and meditated by getting specially designed Mandala Tapestries. What is Mandala? Many of us are not aware of the mysticism behind this word. The mandala represents wholeness. It is a religious symbol and also considered as a meditation exercise. For your interest, I would like to add that the word Mandala means a ‘discoid object’ or ‘circle’. It actually belongs to the Asian tradition as an instrument of meditation.

Mandala is an artistic way of representing the spiritual universe.  The Swiss Psychoanalyst Carl Jung related the word Mandala to the Psychological life by saying “a mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of the self.”

Mandala prints are our favorites because they provide good vibes and power energy to our space. Previously, Jesmine has introduced Mandala bedding, cushions and curtains which are proficiently designed with perfect color schemes by our expert designers. Jesmine has introduced endless designs of Mandala bedding, cushions and curtains by keeping in mind the very medicated fact of Mandala. Now, Jesmine introduces to you a huge collection of Mandala Tapestries.

Home Décor Piece:

Tapestries are an easy and quick way of bringing valuable change in your living space and if this change is brought by mandala printed tapestries, your space will surely get polishing and medicating impacts.

Beautiful tapestries can turn your room from basic into something bold and refreshing. It’s not as difficult as you’d imagine. Our Mandala Tapestries are the perfect home decor piece to create a unique space.

Microfiber Fabric:

Jesmine introduces you soft and bright tapestries made up of pure microfiber fabric.  All these mandala tapestries are exceptionally soft to provide a shiny and bright look. Microfiber fabric is known best for its exceptional softness and durability. The finally knitted tapestries with a perfect blend of colors look supreme. These unique and versatile tapestries are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

Fine Knitting:

All the tapestries are stitched by expert tailors. The finishing lines are stitched neatly to give a little graceful and elegant touch. The fine knitting process adds the grace of tapestries.

If you are thinking that your mind is messed up and you are overwhelmed by thoughts and stress, surely it is a time for a little change. Check out our Mandala Curtain collection and enjoy the meditated provision of Mandalas’ design.

 Mandala Print Tapestry

A cool combination of black and white is unique and bold in all the times. This floral black and white Mandala tapestry cover look very stunning. Black and white always provide a very neat and fresh look.

For more details and to purchase this sophisticated black Mandala Tapestry visit Jesmine’s online store.

Petal Floral Printed Indian Hanging Wall Tapestry

Mandala is much more than a circle and its various designs are used as symbols of protection, wholeness, healing, and meditation by many people across the globe. If you are looking for a pure and sacred realm, Mandala Tapestry is the perfect one to facilitate you with a healthy environment.

Check out this beautiful tapestry made up of microfiber fabric and is unique in its colors, providing you vintage standard. A fresh blue colored Mandala design is printed on the snowy white base fabric, looks unique and great. You will be amazed to see that how this tapestry on the wall of your home will provide a polishing look to your space.

For more details and to grab this Petal floral Indian Hanging Wall Tapestry visit us online.

 Mandala Floral Tapestry

This tapestry is a pretty combination of multi-colors. Floral Mandala is designed on microfiber fabric providing you a hypnotized look.


For more details and to grab this Mandala Floral Tapestry visit us online.

Blue and Green Mandala Flower Tapestry

This tapestry is ready to supply a glowing impact to your home with blue and green colors. The glowing pink and purple mandala tapestry is surely gonna provide gleam look to your space.

For more details and to grab this Blue and Green Mandala Floral Tapestry visit us online.

Crystal Arrays Wall Hanging Tapestry

Mandala Blue tapestry is best to provide feelings of sensitivity, peace, and satisfaction. Its colors are multi in shades including all colors from light blue to a dark rich blue. It looks so fresh because of colors and so graceful because of the microfiber fabric.

You can buy this wall hanging a tapestry with complete blue Mandala Circle in the center. To buy Crystal Arrays Wall Hanging Tapestry visit our online store Jesmine.com.

Glowing Purple Mandala Tapestry

Glowing Purple Mandala Tapestries are the charming home decor piece to create a bright, unique space. Its colors are purple in shade including all shades from light purple to heavy rich purple. All the colors in the mandala circle are so fresh and bright that every single color is having its own charm.

For more details and to buy this Glowing Purple Mandala Tapestry visit Jesmine’s online store.

All the above Mandala Tapestries are unique in their own way. Jesmine has many more designs in tapestries, to check you have to visit its online store. Grab your favorite tapestry before the stalk may end. 

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