This Summer Fancy Up Your Bedrooms With Jesmine’s  Duvet Cover Sets

This Summer Fancy Up Your Bedrooms With Jesmine’s Duvet Cover Sets

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This Summer Fancy Up Your Bedrooms With Jesmine’s  Duvet Cover Sets

Now summer is on its way and it’s time to switch of winter and spring duvets and clothing. Summer season is full of energy where we enjoy our holidays, beach trips and sports. Hot summers consume a lot of your energy, where it is necessary to get hydrated it’s also important to have sound sleep in hot summers. To get sound sleeps, it’s important to have the right bedding. In this blog, I’m taking a look at the luxury collection of Summer Bedding sets available at Jesmine.  These bed duvet sets are best to incorporate with your luxury bedrooms to keep you feeling fresh and well rested through the summers. Sleeping on a soft and fresh bed is a great way to keep cool and enjoy sound sleep during hot summers.


Soft Hues are Best Choice for Summers:

These bedding sets have fresh and light hues which are best for summers to keep you calm and fresh. All these bed sets are the most unique and fashionable striking one with beautiful designs. If you are looking to give your bedroom a luxury look with a touch of trendy elegance, then your taste can only be satisfied with these matchless luxury duvet covers.

Stitching Excellence:

All the duvet cover sets are stitched by expert tailors. The finishing lines are stitched neatly to give a little graceful and elegant touch. Different sizes are available according to your bed which can be easily fitted to your duvet.  All the duvet cover sets include two pillowcases and one duvet cover.

Wide Variety:

We have an endless variety in bedding sets.  This range includes duvet covers and matching pillowcases. All the beddings have energetic colors and perfect designs; you’ll not bind even a single design dull or boring.

Stylish Visual Impact:

Our brand has hired proficient designers to create perfect graphics. The bedding sets are our favorites for summer because they provide good vibes and power energy to our bedrooms. All these bedding sets are proficiently designed with the use of perfect color schemes by our expert designers.


White is a symbol of neatness. White color automatically brings neatness and freshness in your room. This dream catcher bohemian printed bedding is made from polyester and cotton to provide you a good quality soft bedding set. A colorful floral bull skull with feathers and roses looks so elegant on plain snowy white fabric.  This luxury duvet set will fresh up your room with elegance.

For more details and to grab Dream Catcher Bohemian Print visit Jesmine’s online store.


If the birthday of your baby is coming soon, or your child just got a position in school or sports, here is a useful gift for children. A baby elephant is one of the cutest animals. This bedding set has a beautiful digital portray of an elephant with its cute baby elephant, in a rain forest and here is Kangaroo Bedding Australia. This cool bedding set is specifically designed for summers.

For more details and to grab Raining Baby Elephant Bedding Set visit Jesmine’s online store.



Are you tired of ordinary things? Fed up of hectic routine? Want a change? Do you know, a little good change can bring a positive impact on your mood? Yes, even a few squares of right fabric can bring an energetic impact on your living. Here is constellations duvet cover set made up of soft microfiber fabric with a constellation, best for your summer days.

For more details and to grab Constellations Duvet Cover Set visit Jesmine’s online store.



Blue looks cool always. This duvet cover set has a floral portray of a wolf on a blue galaxy and made up of microfiber fabric which is known best for its extra softness. This is simple yet elegant and equally attractive too.

Check the more details and purchase Wolf Galaxy Duvet Cover Set from Jesmine’s online store.



This floral bedding set is a bunch of vibrant flowers. It’s not like dark multi-color duvet set but sophisticated snowy white bedding set with beautiful multi-color flowers on it. Its extra soft microfiber fabric is what makes it more demanding.  This is the softest and fresh duvet cover set best for your summer season.

You can check more details and grab Luxury Flower Printed Bedding Set from our online store


This is something formal and uniquely best for your sophisticated bedrooms. A mystical black horse in the red royal frame is printed on the soft hue bedding set. This duvet set is all you want for your luxury bedrooms.


You can check more details and grab Decent Black Horse Flower Bedding Set from our online store

All these bedding sets are designed to stand out in terms of aesthetics as well as class. You don’t need to worry about these quality bed covers because their color will not fade away. Grab your favorite duvet cover before the stock may end.

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