The Style We Love:  Elephant Printed Cushion Covers

The Style We Love: Elephant Printed Cushion Covers

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The Style We Love:  Elephant Printed Cushion Covers

 Animal printing is a trend that is loved everywhere, all the time.  From clothing to home décor, animal prints work always well. I have previously introduced animal printed bed sets from our store in my blog, now I am sharing the most glamming cushion covers with elephant prints.  Our brand Jesmine has introduced the most beautiful range of elephant cushion covers.

From our massive range of Elephant printed cushion covers, I hope it will be easy for you to choose the cover you like the most.


Cushion Material:

Do not worry about fabric; it is a microfiber fabric that is exceptionally soft. We never compromise with quality and style both. Cushions are the comfiest décor pieces ever. It is very necessary for cushions to be as soft as comfy. A few squares of fabric can change the whole look of your space, also provide you soothing touch. Microfiber fabric is known well for its extra softness and quality. It is easy to handle and wash microfiber fabric. The fabric is not good in getting wrinkles so easy to iron. Moreover, its colors are fade resistant.


Best Décor Piece:

All Elephant Printed Cushion Covers are square in shape. You can use them anywhere you want at your home, display on your bed or sofas or use as floor cushions.  These Cushion Covers Australia are the perfect home decor piece to create a bright, unique space.


Variety of Designs:

Not only the material matters but also the style matters. The style is everything that shows your taste and personality. Jesmine has introduced an endless variety of Elephant Prints cushion covers. Have a look at them and pick the one you like most.


Moroccan Cushion Cover Elephant Tree

Cushions are the best décor piece for every home Cushions can blend excellently with every type of home décor but all depends upon designs of its covers. A colorful White elephant on black base fabric looks stunning. Not only single elephant but he is also lifting up some luggage in red color, isn’t it attractive?



You can purchase Moroccan Cushion Cover Elephant Tree from our online store Jesmine.




Rainbow Mandala Elephant Cushion Cover

Rainbow Mandala Elephant on white base fabric looks so cool. The innocent look of a little elephant on soft white fabric is making it more attractive.



For more details and to purchase Rainbow Mandala Elephant Cushion Cover you can visit our online store




Mandala with Elephant Cushion Cover

This is red in color and Mandala in the category. Red mandala design and 3 elephants printed on red microfiber fabric look fabulous.



 To purchase this fabulous Mandala with Elephant Cushion Cover visit us online.



Colorful Elephants Cushion Cover

This one of the most upstage cushion covers. This is the most stunning combination of black and blue you ever find. A mythical blue elephant is printed on dark black fabric.



Buy this beautiful Colorful Elephants Cushion Cover from our online store


Bohemian Elephant Cushion Cover

This Elephant printed cushion cover is from our Bohemian collection or Boho Cushion Covers Australia. A mix of colored purple and blue elephant trunk on plain black fabric truly looks unique and artistic.



 Buy this unique Bohemian Elephant Cushion Cover from our online store


Decent Elephant Cushion Cover

This elephant cushion cover is not only decent by its name but also in its look. A light multi-colored elephant trunk is printed decently on snow white soft microfiber fabric.



For more details about the product and to perchance Decent Elephant Cushion Cover you can visit us online.




Elephant Flower Cushion Cover

This Floral Elephant Cushion Cover is very sophisticated to add elegance to your space. I personally love them to place them on my sofa for a unique and sophisticated look. A floral heart right at the trunk tip of the beautiful elephant is very artistic.




You can purchase this Elephant Flower Cushion Cover from our online store



Bohemia Exotic Patterns Cushion Cover

This is a tropic patterned cushion cover. An exotic colorful plant is printed aside the colorful elephant on black fabric. This few squares of fabric can surely bring freshness to your space by its beautiful colors.



For more details about Bohemia Exotic Patterns Cushion Cover and to purchase it please visit us online




Elephants Mandala Cushion Cover

This is same like Elephants Mandala Cushion Cover but different in color. This is white in color so providing a cool and unique look to your space.



For more details about Elephants Mandala Cushion Cover and to purchase it please visit us online



Affordable Prices:

All the cushion covers are very affordable at reasonable prices. Moreover, you can pay with Afterpay on easy installments. Yes, you can pay your payments on four equal installments through AfterPay.  So do not worry and grab your favorite products without any worry. We assure you non-risky purchase with the fastest shipping.

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