The Ivation EZ-Bed, Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case - Additional Space Provider

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Additional Space Provider: The Ivation EZ-Bed, Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case.

The Ivation EZ-Bed will vanish all your worries of space shortage if you have sudden guests to visit. You can also take it along if planning a trip to spend Summer Holidays or to some Island.

Its self-inflating design makes it easy to use without the need for a helping hand.

Are Guests Approaching? No Bed to Offer?

Needs not to worry anymore, Ivation EZ-Bed can fix your problem by its easy installation within minutes.



When not needed, it can be folded and set aside to save space but if there emerges a need, it can easily be turned into an erected usable bed.

Less weighed, Easy to Handle and High Weight enduring Capacity

Ivation EZ-Bed itself has a weight of 50 pounds whereas it can stand up to 450 pounds which is equal to the average weight of two adult persons. Its self-inflation technology makes it easy to handle. The Ivation EZ-Bed has wheels in the case which does not require to get pulled rather easy to pull behind you with a wheeled case.

Why Better than Other Mattresses?

The frame of EZ-Bed Self- Inflatable Mattress is an addition to simple Inflatable Mattress.

The only distinguishable difference is the position on the floor. If you are not willing to lie on the floor, it gives you the durable frame for holding it as a bed. Simple Inflatable Mattresses are only desirable if the living room has less capacity to have a bed in, otherwise, Ivation EZ-Bed has a hit over it.

Simple Self Inflation Technology: Maintains Your Comfort Level

It works as simple as it looks. It needs to be plugged in a simple socket to activate the pump which inflates it automatically. You can also adjust your comfort level according to the rigidity needed. Day time comfort varies from night time comfort. If wanted more erected, simply click on the button with the “inflate” option and that’s all!

Easy Installation Picnic Inflatable Mattress

If you are planning for spending Summer Holidays, along with other essentials, it is easy to carry along with you without worrying about the discomforts of nights out.

The easy to carry design adds to its transfer to other places. Simply load into the Vehicle or Van truck along with your luggage and have a journey.

High Quality and Durable Material with variant Sizes

EZ beds are of the size of normal sleeping beds when inflated. Its size upon inflation is 79 inches length and 61 inches width along with the average bed height 24 inches. The surface has 48 coils which gives a comfortable sleep at night. The Ivation EZ-Bed has auto inflation as well as deflation system. The airbeds take 3 to 4 minutes to inflate and have pump to shut down.

The durable congregated surface of the mattress gives comfortable sleep during the night and keeps the bedsheet intact and avoids slippery.  

How to Set up

Step # 1: Unzip the Bed-Case, Unroll and Plug into wall standard socket

Step # 2: The bed Starts Self-inflation and unfolds the frames while pumping the mattress

Step # 3: Bed height fits into 24 inches sheet

Step # 4: Light weight, Weeled Case and It''s easy to take with you for outing

The Ivation EZ-Bed case is made of high quality and water resistance which prevents it from rust in case it gets wet. When not needed, you can refold it and keep it in any corner of your home. It takes less space but gives more comfort. The durable and reliable frame prevents it from folding while you are sleeping. It is easy to use to sleep on with no danger of folding if you veer while sleeping.

The Ivation EZ-Bed is available for both the single person and two persons. Besides adults, it has three children's capacity to sleep on, saving space and money for separate mattresses and beds.  Its pump has three steps to adjust according to your comfort level.

You can either set it on Firm, Medium or Soft texture depending upon the need and desire of you and your partner. It’s the perfect solution to your guests attending partners. Besides all, it can fulfill your desire to sleep in the starry sky if you are bored of sleeping under one roof for so long. So get The Ivation EZ-Bed, and get rid of your boredom and fewer space issues.

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