Telescoping Fold-able Stool will Help You All the Ways from Travel to Picnic & Fishing

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Are you a traveler and want to have a feasible tool for rest in a while? Or if you are a home designer and want a piece of portable furniture within your place but cannot find the best one around you? Or do you love nature and want to observe nature by sitting in the lovely adorable natural parks but having trouble sitting down on the ground?

Do not worry anymore! Now you don’t need to worry about your travel tools for resting nor you have to worry about the portable furniture for your home. Moreover, you can also discover the beautiful species of birds around the parks by sitting around nature all day, surely not putting a huge force over your knees to get down to the ground.

We have the best solution to all of your problems.

Now instead of being stressed, get the incredible retractable stool at your first ease and facilitate yourself with this best stool in the market.


Now, let all the worries to be gone and bring this incredible stool at your first place. This stool is so colorful, easy to use, portable, feasible, attractive and so light in weight. All you need to do is just buy this retractable stool which is a little away from all the joy and amusement you are sooner going to get at your home and anywhere you like.

This cozy stool has several qualities and properties that make it wonderful.

This fantastic stool ends to just 2.5 inches only!

Stool Colours:

The stool is available in multiple colours. You can buy the stool of your own desired colour and put it with the black furniture, or along with your car seats or with the folding chairs in your backyard at home.

They include black, red, green and yellow but you all know that the most liked and elegant one is always the colour of the aesthetics, the Black.

Stool size:

When put in no use, the stool is merely 2.5 inches thick and it is 9.8 inches in the diameter. This makes it practically be stored anywhere short like inside the cabinets, cupboards, under the sofas, beds or anywhere you want to keep it, you easily can put it into the stuff where you keep your things organized.

When you fully retract it, it extends to its maximum height that measures 17.3 inches long and high. You can further set it to any level you want between there for your perfect height and accordingly. This enables one to convert the stool for the people of any age including children, adults, aged or young ones.

Stool’s weight:

The stool itself have a weight of such a small quantity that is even lesser than the weight of an apple pie! Absolutely amazing!

The average weight of this particular stool is 2.7 pounds that makes it easy to carry on any kind of trek or trip. You can equip this accessible stool with anything you like for you. It can be your bag, your hand, your shoulder strap or your carrier.

Stool’s weight capacity:

This friendly stool is made up of the materials that are of high quality and high style making it more charming. It can carry the weight up to 330 pounds, practically two normal adults.

Stool’s quality:

It is made up of high-quality material including polyamide that is having a sound and long durability and high power. No matter what height you choose, it is still so lightweight, strong and productive. The non-slippery ends are reliable and strong making it solid and hard providing it better stability.

We care for you and make out the best product for you to have and be proud of it. The quality of the stool is assured and you can be highly satisfied with it.

Stool’s multiple ranges of use:

This super useful stool is so adjustable. You can adjust the stool according to your choice and make it longer or short for your resting period. It can be opened up to the 18 inches long stool able enough to carry a huge weight of two-man at a time.

Not only this, but you can also retract it from a long sturdy stool into a folded tiny bag which can be hung up even at the shoulders or even you can fold it and put it in your handbag and also in your purse because this can collapse down to absolutely nothing, resulting practically in just 2.5 inches. How suitable it really is!

The retractable stool is such a great thing to keep your home organized and well-furnished to either compact this stool away or use it in its full form. The choice is all yours how you want to facilitate yourself from this retractable stool.

Else, you can also take it with you when you travel at long distances and want to have some rest in a while at the beautiful valleys or to see the breathy taking moments of the sun setting in the West. The retractable stool can also help you in your camper as it is short, portable and cute to carry along with the other gadgets for your journey to the snowy mountains or hilly areas.

When you have guests at your home, or you are out for fishing, sporting events, a hunting trip or for the study purposes, you can bring it out and anywhere along with you.

Why not take this stool sophisticated stool at the interviews, long bank lines, or your gardens, extend it to your favorite height and work more comfortably at any kind of environment or place?

The retractable stool will provide you to have a seat at your favorite place or multiply your seats at the dining or in the TV hall. You can bring this tool anywhere you like and surprise the people around you with this facilitating luxurious stool.

This is so impressive! Isn’t it?

How to use a stool?

To use this stool, all you have to do is first of all open it from its strap and then put your fingers in the catches on both sides of the stool, stretch it out while keep rotating it and when it extends, you can decide which height do you want and need. Then set it in the place according to your own choice by rotating the catches in the places back again. Seriously, it’s as simple as that!

Interestingly, it does not take any effort. It’s so easy, compact and convenient to carry.

This retractable stool will keep you at more ease to make your life pleasant with an adorable lifestyle to adopt things in a new unique way.

Hurry up and get yourself with the best retractable stool which can stay with you everywhere and every time!

Have a good time folks!

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