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Style Your Bedrooms with Trendy Cotton Duvet Sets

These days we see many mixed material products and yet we seldom stop to think when a particular material is best. Ask a woman why she prefers cotton wears and she is likely to say because it is healthy and, of course, she is right because cotton is a natural product, is hypoallergenic and allows the body to breathe.  Whilst cotton dresses may be seen as the healthy but boring option, cotton bedding is not.  We are now introducing one of the most beautiful varieties of colorful and enchanted bed duvet sets. So this summer splash your bedrooms with a wide range of the trendy cotton printed bedding covers.  

As we always claim we take best care of our customers. By keeping in mind this, our experts constructed the cotton duvets with the combination of 100% cotton fabric and truly beautiful colors. We are offering a number of cotton duvet covers to ease the debilitating symptoms of allergies. Allergies are a big issue these days, with up to one in three people suffering. A major cause of allergies is the dust mite and it is alarming to think that millions of mites live in most beds. Specifically our all products are dust resistant but the cotton products are truly not the dust catchers so do not worry while purchasing any of our products. The cotton duvet covers extend to help you better night sleeps.

The product material is pure Egyptian cotton as you can see at our online store. Egyptian cotton that is known since the centuries is famous for its uniqueness and softness. All the cotton duvets are purely made up of Egyptian cotton and weaved neatly with the right thread counts. The high quality fabric helps to last for longer.

The color combination is designed proficiently according to the color psychology. Color is without a doubt one of the most powerful aspects of any room and for a room as important as the bedroom, it's essential to get the right balance. Jesmine is offering you a bundle of color varieties in cotton duvet sets which enhances the beauty of bedroom and definitely provides a fresh look.

These cotton bed sets are easy to wash and easy to handle. For your convince we always advise to keep the bleach away while washing any product, bleach damages the colors.

Some of the featured Cotton Duvets are below. For more visit our online store.

Fleece Warm Bed-skirt Bedding Set

This set is the most pleasant combination of milky-white and baby-pink and embroidered by white and pinkish laces. Made up of Egyptian cotton to provide gentle soft touch. For more details visit online.

Round Flowers Bedding Set

Round Flowers Bedding Set is a sophisticated combination of blue and red, embroidered neatly. For more details visit online store.

Endless Egyptian Cotton Bedlinen Bedding Sets Bedsheet

This Bedding Set is sparkling Egyptian product. For more details visit our website.

Sanded Cotton Bohemia Bedlinen:

Sanded Cotton Bohemia Bed-set is of red color with a combination of beautiful colors and product fiber is purely Egyptian cotton. For more details visit

Tree Deer Bedding Set

Tree Deer Bedding Set is very beautiful product of Cotton variety. Specifically designed color combination with a Deer shadow adds its sophistication. Buy here

Purple Flowers Printing Bedding Set

The pleasant combination of white and light purple color adds elegance to your bedroom. For more details visit our online web page.

Silk Blend Luxury Bedding Set


This is silk blended luxury Cotton bed Set. The Off-white cotton Bed duvet set is embroidered with silk blend, provides most elegant look to your bedroom.


Besides these mentioned products, there are many more cotton duvets available online. All the cotton duvets are made up of purely Egyptian Cotton which adds extra softness to the product. We assure you all the purchases from our online store are non-risky. 

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