Slay in the Subtle Hued Ensemble in Digital Prints

Slay in the Subtle Hued Ensemble in Digital Prints

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Slay in the Subtle Hued Ensemble in Digital Prints

Windows are the essential part of home so as the curtains. Windows enables to pass light into your rooms and give you the view to the outside world. If the curtains with the right colors and material are added to windows, they can become the style icons in their own way. A versatile choice of furnishing windows with curtains provides a sense of relaxation.  Curtains help you maintain your privacy by arousing the feelings of exclusivity. They also protect us from excessive sunlight.  Where the curtains protect us from the harsh sun lights, they also provide cozy inside views. Unique curtains are good enough to decorate your rooms. Not only the bed duvets matter for your comfort but also the curtains have their equal importance. That’s the reason, Jesmine planned to introduce a number of varieties of curtains to facilitate its customers with best designs.

 In this blog, I am sharing some beautiful Digital printed curtains with their snaps and fabric description with you to make your windows beautiful, modern and protective. I have picked the top 8 Digital Printed bedsheets but still, we have many more in our online store Jesmine.

A beautiful curtain can surely turn up the look of your entire room.  Curtains are the first thing that catches the attraction of everyone who enters a home.  


Style with Quality:

All the digital printed curtains are not only stylish in designs but also high in quality. All the colors are fade resistant. As the concern of style matters, we always touch the trends of the globe.  All the designs are interesting and enchanted. You will not find even a single design dull or boring. All the digital prints are perfectly fine to provide you a real look. All the curtains are stitched by expert tailors. The finishing lines are stitched neatly to give a little graceful and elegant touch.


Product Material:

All the curtains are made up of satin fabric. The satin fabric of curtain makes it excellently soft and wrinkle resistant. Satin is known well for its glossy look. It tends to have a high luster so the curtains look so attractive and fresh. All the curtains are designed perfectly by the expert designers, keeping in mind the luxury feather prints. We never compromise with quality and style. The colors are fade resistant and curtains are easy to wash and handle.


Home Décor Piece:

Beautiful Curtains can turn your room from basic into something bold and refreshing. It’s not as difficult as you’d imagine. Our Digital Printed Curtains are the perfect home decor piece to create a unique space.



A perfect digital print of colorful dragon on jet black fabric is everything you need to power up your living space. This Dragon Totem Curtain looks truly fabulous.

For more details and to purchase Dragon Totem Living Room Curtains visit our website.





Be a wolf, be a warrior. This phrase echo in my mind, every time, I feel down.  This is the finest digital print of fierce wolf on the curtain. Blue and purple mirrored style fierce wolf looks so artistic. It’s like a perfect portrait of a wolf on a curtain that looks so fine to warm you. Smoke is arising from the radiant eyes of the wolf that looks so amazing.


For more details and to purchase Light and Dark Wolf Living Room Curtain visit our online store.






A huge dragonfly with glowing colors on black satin fabric looks fabulous. The print is so neat and perfect to give a unique look to your space.


For more details and to purchase Dragonfly Mandala Living Room Curtains visit our website.






That’s an amazing piece of digital print. You will completely feel aww after picking it. Our expert designers have designed it perfectly to provide an elegant curtain. One curtain is having a digital print of ice cold wolf and the other is having a print of fierce fire wolf.



Visit and grab Fire and Ice Window Curtains from our online store.




Feather ring on blue galaxy fabric looks so cool and enchanted. You can get a true art curtain of galaxies in your home now.


Grab Feathers Blue Galaxy Curtain for Bedroom from our website and enjoy the uniqueness of this cool design.





Now enjoy Moon and sea scene from your room. This curtain is having a perfect digital print of blue sky, full moon, and a sea view.


For more details and to purchase Moon and Sea Curtains for Living Room visit our website.


Not only these we have some more products in digital prints. Visit us before this stock may end and grab your favorite one by sitting at home.







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