Make Your Children’s Childhood Colorful with Jesmine’s Range of Funky Bedding

Make Your Children’s Childhood Colorful with Jesmine’s Range of Funky Bedding

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Make Your Children’s Childhood Colorful with Jesmine’s Range of Funky Bedding


Your child’s childhood matters a lot in shaping his personality. There are many factors which influence a child’s mind. Therefore, it’s a basic need to provide a peaceful and fresh environment for your children. A night of good sleep is considered a basic step towards good health. To enjoy a sleep all you need is to have quality bedding. Quality bedding is necessary to keep you feeling comfortable and fresh. Children love to see cartoons so usually, they want all the things including their school bag, bed and living area cartoon themed. You have seen usually children do not enjoy their sleep; all they prefer is playing because they are fully energetic and want to enjoy the colors of the environment. To provide a colorful bedroom to your children is a step forward to keep them enjoying their rest hours. To have boring bedrooms can be a reason for children to not enjoy sleep hours. Here, Jesmine is bringing a range of funky beddings for its little customers to keep them enjoying their periods of sleep.

Vibrant Hues are Best for Your Child’s Taste:

These bedding sets have fresh and vibrant colors which are best for children to keep them happy and fresh. All these bed sets are the most unique and fashionable striking designs. If you are looking to give your child’s bedroom a cheerful look with a touch of trendy elegance, then your taste can only be satisfied with these matchless funky duvet covers.

 Stitching Excellence:

All the duvet cover sets are stitched by expert tailors. The finishing lines are stitched neatly to give a graceful and elegant touch. Different sizes are available according to your bed which can be easily fitted to your duvet.  All the duvet cover sets include two pillowcases and one duvet cover.

Cheerful Visual Impact:

Our brand has hired proficient designers to create perfect graphics. These bedding sets are our favorites for children because they provide good vibes and power energy to our bedrooms. All these bedding sets are proficiently designed with the use of perfect color schemes by our expert designers keeping in mind the very psyche of children.

Soft and Quality Fabric:

Microfiber fabric is known best for its softness and best for the sensitive and soft skins of children. We never compromise with quality and style. All the products are made up of 100% microfiber fabric. Generally, microfiber fabric includes fibers that are finer. Microfiber fabric is finer than wool, three times finer than cotton, and more than twice as fine as silk. The outstanding characteristics of microfibers include exceptional strength, although the filaments are super fine, improved breathability, durability, lighter weight and comfort of natural fibers.



A cute tribal lion is printed on snowy white bedding. A lion is considered the symbol of bravery and this cute tribal lion will be portraying a peaceful impact of bravery on your child’s mind. This cute lion is imposing the message that to have power does not mean to be cruel and it’s not necessary for a powerful lion to be fierce all the time but it can be calm and cute as in this bedding.

You can check more details and purchase this beautiful Tribal Animal Lion Bedding Set from Jesmine’s online store.




On pink bedding a cartoon is doing yoga, sitting in a white lily flower. Yoga is helpful to relax your mind same is this bedding with cheerful color is ready to keep you relaxing and cheerful.

You can check more details and purchase this Floral Cartoon Kids Duvet Cover Set from Jesmine’s online store.




Did you ever watch a cute and innocent owl? I bet you haven’t ever watched such a cutest and innocent owl as printed on this bedding on our blogspot Jesmine Australia. You’ll just aww after looking this and it’s hard to resist yourself from grabbing this very cute bedding set.

 You can check more details and purchase this Cartoon Owl Bedding Set from Jesmine’s online store.


This cute avocado printed on the bedding also has arms and its seed looks like fluffy tummy which this avocado is carrying while lifting above its arms cheerfully. Isn’t it cute?

You can check more details and purchase this Avocado Duvet Cover Set from Jesmine’s online store.



Here is a lovely rainbow unicorn is printed on the bedding. Children love to hear unicorn stories and while hearing they wish to encounter them. As it’s difficult to encounter unicorn in real life is here Jesmine is providing its perfect graphic so you’ll feel as unicorn has jumped over your bed.

You can check more details and purchase this Rainbow Unicorn Bedding Set from Jesmine’s online store.



All the above bedding sets are enchanting in their own way. You’ll not find even single bedding set dull or boring. Their colors are fade resistant and these duvet covers are easy to wash and handle. Grab your favorite bedding set before the stock may end.







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