Grab Our Summer Collection of Duvet Covers which is a Burst of Sport Prints

Grab Our Summer Collection of Duvet Covers which is a Burst of Sport Prints

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Grab Our Summer Collection of Duvet Covers which is a Burst of Sport Prints


Jesmine’s summer collection of duvet covers is a burst of sports prints and vibrant colors. Sunny days of summers bring a good time for sports lovers. Almost every home has a sports enthusiast who has a taste all the way from sports. Sports lovers are fond of having sports dresses, car, and bike which reveal their athletic interests.  Now a day, many young children are too much interested in sports. Ever you saw your siblings or brothers choosing their beds with a car design? Yes, there is much sport themed furniture available in the market and hitting people with expensive prices. All of us cannot afford sport themed furniture, easily. One thing can help you here. Yes, Jesmine is bringing a burst of sports prints with vibrant colors for this summer. It’s really good news for many young boys. Now you can buy your favorite sport printed duvet set by sitting at your home and enjoy an athletic taste. All the prints are so fresh and vibrant that it will ultimately bring the vibrancy of summers in your bedroom.

Fabric Quality:

Jesmine is fulfilling its customers’ demands for years. By providing trendy prints and high-quality products Jesmine is hitting the top brands maintaining their customers’ loyalty. It’s said, “Quality bedding can mean the difference between a night spent tossing and turning and one of peaceful sleep.” I agree with the statement that a quality fabric of your duvet cover matters a lot to provide you a healthy sleep. I have found Jesmine providing a good quality fabric which is healthy for your skin and soft enough to provide you soothing effects. All the duvet covers are made up of 100% polyester fabric which is comfortable and soft providing a silky touch. Due to polyester the sheet remains wrinkle resistant and requires a very less iron. So you can use easily and wash freely without getting worried about the colors.  The colors are fade resistant, you can wash easily and use again and again. The best quality of these duvet sets is that they do not become fade on washing and using because of high-quality polyester fabric.

Stitching Perfection:

All the bed sets are stitched by expert tailors. The finishing lines are stitched neatly to give a little graceful and elegant touch. Different sizes are available according to your bed which can be easily fitted to your bed.  All the bed sets include two pillowcases and one duvet cover.



Basketball is liked not only by boys but also equally by girls. Here is a bedding set for all the basketball lovers. A ball with the orange and blue combination is printed on jet black polyester fabric.

For more details and to purchase Basketball Theme Bedding Set visit the online store Jesmine.




Many are the fans of football all around the world, here is a perfect bed set for all football lovers. This bed set is so cool having a print of football with cool water splashes on the blue bed set. Due to digital print and good quality polyester, this duvet cover set looks so charming.

For more details and to purchase Football Printed Quilt Cover visit online store




This Baseball duvet cover set is an explosive offer for all the sports lovers. True colors of arts can be seen in this single duvet cover set where a baseball with water splashes at one side and fire explosive at the other side is digitally printed on shiny polyester fabric. The most demanding duvet set and people are getting crazy about it. You can’t resist yourself from buying if you have an artistic taste along sport’s enthusiasm.

For more details and to purchase Explosive Baseball Duvet Cover Set visit our website




If you are a jolly typed little boy who always loves to do naughty things and smiles all day, this duvet cover is for you. A fighting skeleton of a naughty boy doing skating is printed on snowy white duvet cover as well as on the two pillow covers. It looks so cool and stylish. This Skull Skating duvet cover set will surely bring hues of summers in your bedroom.

For more details and to purchase Skull Skating Duvet Cover set visit




This is the coolest bedding set you’ve ever found. On the cover set, Skate or Die is written in red color with a ghost portrayal having skating board in his hand. Buy it in advance for Halloween or use it casually. This duvet cover set is suitable for all the seasons when you want to use.

For more details and to purchase Halloween Skating Bedding Set visit us online.




A fighting skeleton of a naughty boy doing skating in a forest is printed on duvet cover as well as on the two pillow covers. The sun with its shiny rays in the forest is what makes this duvet covers set more attractive and catchy.

For more details and to purchase Forest Theme Bedding Set visit us online.




This is simple and cool at a time. A cycling robot is printed on a plain polyester sheet as well as on two pillow covers.

For more details and to purchase Cycling Robot Duvet Cover Set visit us online.


All the above duvet covers sets are seriously killer ready to entertain your sports enthusiasm this summer. Shop your favorite sports duvet cover set online before the stock may end.





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