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Who does not want a lovely change? Especially a change in living place. Imagine this change in your bathroom. Is not that pleasing?

It is in human nature that with a new day, with a new trend we always want to upgrade our living style. Trust me; if you built a home three years ago, you would want it to upgrade with more modern features after three years. That is natural. The reasonable fine solution to satisfy your urge of adopting the latest trend is bringing a change – a change that is more lovely and pleasant. This blog is going to discuss ideas to upgrade bathroom with Shower Curtains Australia by grabbing all the attention that is required while decorating your bathroom.

I believe not a single person will be disappointed in the wake of perusing this new blog entry since hi, you use your restroom in a real sense each and every day!

What is so beautiful in decoration? Regardless of whether you are on a tight spending plan, a simple method, smart creativity of simply changing shower curtains can bring a beautiful and attractive change in the bathroom. Is not that amazing? You can witness how a few yards of right fabric can entirely change the atmosphere and look of your bathroom. I aim to do a profound plunge today on bathroom décor and shower curtains to get you inspired.

The main and most important function of the shower window curtain is providing privacy in a washroom that has bathroom and toilet section along. So every washroom which has a bath section requires a shower curtain. In addition, Shower Curtains play an important job of keeping the water from spreading on the floor. Here, the addition of bath rugs helps you greatly achieving a non-messy bathroom. Not only protecting you from messy watery floors but these necessary bathroom ornaments also keep you safe from slipping over the floor. Also, I was hoping you could read my previous blog, Introducing you Fun Bath Mats Australia to find out extraordinary Bath Mats of high quality for your bathrooms. I know the sensitivity of venturing out of a warm shower onto a cold tile floor – that is why bathmats have equal importance along with shower curtains.

How to Choose the Right Shower Curtain?

Heard a lot, this phrase of How to choose and where to buy. If you are not an expert in bedding and styling, Jesmine serves you right all the way from shopping to buying tips and styling. In one of my old blogs, I also posted about different kinds of shower drapes with their material and style. But, this time, I am introducing a thrilling collection of Shower Curtains online in Australia.

All the shower curtains are so charming that you would not find a single one dull and I am so excited to talk about their flowery and colorful designs. Two weeks back, I bought two for my restroom, and I still feel fresh and thrilled with its alluring design and rich hues.


I personally prefer light, rich hues over dark colors. This is the same shower curtain that I bought for my washroom. Its blue floral print and high quality will not disappoint you.

Looking at the cost, this shower curtain is a lot. I hoped the blue shade in this drape coordinated tiles and wall color of my washroom, and it mixed pleasantly with the theme. The print looks as decent as online in the image.


This Blue Mandala Boho Print has been so popular and in demand that Jesmine also offers it in numerous other sorts of home stylistic theme, including sofa covers, window curtains, and bedding sets.

You can enjoy a happy purchase of Blue Mandala Boho Shower Curtain from Jesmine.

Quality Features of Shower Curtain Australia:

  • Jesmine’s Shower Curtains are printed by best in class advanced printing technology.
  • Also, these are machine launderable thus simple to clean.
  • These shower curtains are mold, mildew and soap resistant.
  • Environmentally well disposed.
  • Shower contain hooks to hang on. So, these are easy to install and use.
  • These are waterproof, and the prints are most recently in the deal.
  • These are waterproof shower curtains, and the prints are most new in the sale.


Are you bored with ordinary? Do you want some unique change? That is for you, then. This is the coolest digital printed curtain having floral deer elk on it. This shower curtain is going to give a completely unique and artistic touch to your washroom.

The pattern of floral deer standing in woods feels so out class. You can check more details and garb this beautiful Floral Deer Elk Waterproof Bath Curtain from Jesmine before the stock may end.


Dreamcatcher Hipster shower curtain is so unique, sophisticated and perfect for your washroom. Its white color is going to provide a clean touch in your washroom. The high quality hipster print looks fabulous. That is a popular hanging feathers ring. 

You can grab Dreamcatcher Hipster Shower Curtain from Jesmine.



Mandal prints are one of the best-selling products of Jesmine.

Nearly everybody searches for a cool looking restroom. You ought to consider perusing the cool assortment. In case getting blossoms or joy stuff is amazing.

Mandal printed ornaments are of many designs and playing their role spiritually.

 Check more details and purchase Mandala Flowers Shower Curtain from Jesmine.



Also, check this cool bath curtain. It has floral mandala print in soft hues. Its soft colors and perfect mandala graphic will enhance uniqueness in your bathroom.

For more details and to purchase Flower Mandala Green Bath Curtain visit Jesmine.

Not only these, but Jesmine has a wide range of Shower Curtains online Australia. All you need to know is the right size of your shower curtain. You can easily measure it by yourself. Jesmine is offering all standard sizes for your shower curtains; you just need to select the right size from its website. You do not need any more to look for Custom Made Shower Curtains, as Jesmine is right there to serve you with various prints, designs and sizes that can easily fit your bathroom. 

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