Every Cute Cat Needs this Bubble Window Wall-Mounted Bed

Every Cute Cat Needs this Bubble Window Wall-Mounted Bed

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Longing for the Best Bed for Your Cat?

Stop waiting for the best gadget for your kitty you need to install in order to make her happy by watching and tracking your routine activities.

It is nothing but Wall- Mounted Bubble Window Bed for your nature enthusiast cat which can be installed anywhere on the wall of your home providing your cats the best vantage point to avoid boredom and makes her calm. It’s a huge hit to underrate the suction-cup mounted cat bed currently available at the market. Its incessant demand is dominating the productivity of suction-cup mounted cat bed as cat owners are massively attracted by the unique design of Wall- Mounted Bubble Window Bed.

Cat Bubble Mounted Bed


If your cat is keen to know what chores are you doing all day long, this Wall- Mounted Bubble Window Bed is an easier solution to that. It will give her a vantage point to observe her owner’s busy routine. It keeps her warm and cozy sitting in one place without messing around and disturbing your tasks of full concentration.

Is Your Cat Want to Have a Best Lounging Point?

This Wall- Mounted Bubble Window provides the best position to your lovely cat who wants to be a part of your family and spends most of her time observing you all day long. Cute and Lovely cats need our attention, they deserve more care and comfort from us. This Bubble Window Wall Mounted is also known as MYZOO Spaceship Gamma and is suitable to give your cat all the comfort of the best lounging position and vantage point of your house.

Are You Worried about the design of Wall- Mounted Bubble Window Cat Bed?

This Wall- Mounted Bubble Window Bed is a spacious bed for your cat or puppy which provides a clean bulging window with the maximum view of the surrounding space. MYZOO Spaceship Gamma design gives you the giant hole on one side through which you can easily put her through or take her out without hurting. It also makes her easy to get into on her own if places somewhere at a lower position. Adding to its size, the average bed has a diameter of 16.5 inches with a length of 25.6 inches which gives plenty of comfortable space for your healthy fluffy cat. The bed has a weight of 12.5 lbs and can withstand 33lbs weight of your cat. It is also available with all the wall mounting types of equipment, you will need while attaching to the wall.

Adding to the Interior of Your Beautiful House

Wall- Mounted Bubble Window Bed can be customized in various colors to best match your interior and furniture color.

It will add to the beautiful scene of your bedroom, lounge or gallery with its exquisite design and lovely cat. The variety of colors ranges from oats, walnuts, cream, white, to you’re the color of your furniture finishing. The direction of the opening and the window depends upon the direction and position of your area where you want to fix it. It’s all easy and can be customized to provide you and your cat the best of comfort and scenery you have been waiting for.

Best Eco-Safe Design: Enables Your Cat to Live in Calm Environment

Opposite to the opening hole of Wall- Mounted Bubble Window Bed, the other side contains four small-sized holes which decrease the amount of eco produces in surrounding areas.

It enables to relax the cats in an eco-free, calm and peaceful bed after playing all day long. The round sink is made of wood with a clear acrylic high-quality class allowing a maximum of the visibility of the surrounding area.

Need Not to Worry about Your Kitty

The giant and bulging window allows its owner to keep her cat under her eye without worrying about suspect activities. Pet cats are like children who are always eager to play and explore new activities for them. Same as cats also want to play around and by doing that sometimes they go away out of your site. It makes you worry about them. Wall- Mounted Bubble Window Cat Bed is a quick solution to your worry. It makes cat under sight without giving you the pain of looking for her again and again and distracting you.

Gives Your Cat the Suitable Airy Atmosphere

Wall- Mounted Bubble Window Bed’s design makes it possible for your cat to breathe in the fresh air. Having cross ventilation design, the holes on the opposite walls of the Wall- Mounted Cat Bed make it more suitable to provide fresh and soothing air to the cat.

Cat Mounted Bed


Safe Home for Your Cat

The use of an acrylic window makes it safer than any other glass. Acrylic is fifty percent stronger than glass and lighter in weight. It can also resist more strokes than ordinary glass which can be dangerous for use. In case of any mishap or crash, it prevents to hurt cats by piercing.

Easy to Install

Wall- Mounted Bubble Window Bed is easy to install on any wall of your home. You can easily screw fit into the wall and it does not need any extra material to mount on the wall. You alone can accomplish this task without any difficulty.


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