Come to Life with Jesmine’s Unicorn Duvet Cover Collection

Come to Life with Jesmine’s Unicorn Duvet Cover Collection

Come to Life with Jesmine’s Unicorn Duvet Cover Collection

Jesmine has been making its customers happy by introducing the latest trendy designs of high-quality products for many years. Last year it had introduced a very lively collection of Unicorn Bedding sets which was liked by our customers across many countries. By seeing the demand of unicorn collection, Jesmine decided to introduce more variety with more catchy prints. Here in this blog, I am mentioning all the features of Unicorn Duvet Cover Collection which are necessary enough to not resist yourself from buying Unicorn Duvet Covers.

 We all are familiar that unicorn is a legendary creature. Unicorns are famous for its one horn in the middle of its forehead. One horned unicorn is known for its magical ability, its horn can counteract poisons. It is said that nobody can catch it because it is very elusive. We all have heard unicorn tales since our childhood but nobody from us ever encountered this magical creature. Jesmine is introducing unicorn duvet cover sets that look so fabulous and fantastic you will feel that unicorn has jumped into your bed.

We all like to live in the fantasy of our dreams. These unicorn printed duvet cover sets are so perfect and fantastic that will fall in a world of dreams. My favorite section of the products is this legendary creature Unicorn Duvet Cover Sets. It gives me immense pleasure while watching this cool unicorn duvet cover collection. I am sharing all the beautiful duvet cover sets from Jesmine’s new collection of Unicorn Duvet Covers to grab your attention to this fantastic collection.


Fabric Quality:

Jesmine is satisfying its customers’ demands for years. By providing trendy prints and high-quality products Jesmine is hitting the top brands maintaining their customers’ loyalty and believes on the motive, “Quality bedding can mean the difference between a night spent tossing and turning and one of peaceful sleep.” A quality fabric of your duvet cover matters a lot to provide you a healthy sleep. All the duvet covers are made up of Microfiber fabric which is very soft and durable. Microfiber fabric is known well to provide you exceptional soft and comfy touch. The colors are fade resistant, you can wash easily and use again and again. The best quality of these duvet sets is that they do not become fade on washing and using because of high-quality polyester fabric.


Stitching Excellence:

All the duvet cover sets are stitched by expert tailors. The finishing lines are stitched neatly to give a little graceful and elegant touch. Different sizes are available according to your bed which can be easily fitted to your duvet.  All the duvet cover sets include two pillowcases and one duvet cover.



This blue duvet cover set is so dreamy and fantastic to provide you comfy and luxury feelings. A magic unicorn with milky white wings is printed on soft microfiber fabric. The print of this cover set is a mixture of watercolor, clouds, galaxies and crystal water which touches the heights of art.

For more details and to purchase Unicorn Dreamcatcher Bedding Set visit online store





Unicorn Butterflies Bedding set focuses the beauty inside out. A beautiful duvet cover set with vibrant hues is all you need to fresh up your bedrooms. A female unicorn with purple and blue shiny hair is printed on duvet cover as well as on two pillowcases. A bunch of colorful butterflies beside the mane of the unicorn is what makes this bedding set more attractive and catchy.

You can grab Unicorn Butterflies Bedding Set from the online store by sitting at your home.





This is simple yet elegant. Do you believe the beauty in simplicity? If yes, here is what you call beauty in simplicity. The most elegant and graceful duvet covers set with a smooth and silky appearance is all you need for your elite luxury bedroom.

For more details and to purchase Purple Unicorn Duvet Cover set visit Jesmine’s online store.





The half side of this duvet cover set is sea green and the half side is brownish. A horse more like a unicorn is printed in a ring on a duvet cover. The print is a perfect blend of colors that it looks like a colored painting. It's fade resistance quality will attract your attention to grab this beautify artistic piece.

For more details and to purchase Horse Dreamcatcher duvet Cover Set you can visit Jesmine’s online store




A loving unicorn couple inside a heart with flying feathers is printed on the cool blue duvet cover and also on pillows. This duvet cover set is both romantic and graceful at a time. This duvet cover will eventually take you on a way to catch your dream and to fall you in sound sleep.

You can grab this cool Heart Unicorn Dreamcatcher Bedding Set from Jesmine’s online store.


All the Unicorn bedding Sets include one duvet cover and two matching pillow covers. Unicorn Duvet Collection has the best quality and most cool prints. Grab your favorite Duvet Set before the stalk may end.

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