10 Easy-to-Follow Bedroom Décor Tips (On A Budget)

10 Easy-to-Follow Bedroom Décor Tips (On A Budget)

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10 Easy-to-Follow Bedroom Décor Tips (On A Budget)




Bedroom décor can be challenging if you have a small room and want a lavish touch; that too on a budget.

Here is a home decor secret:

Home decor doesn’t depend on your budget. It’s only about putting the right pieces in the right place.

Here we have suggested some unique ideas that are also not very difficult to follow for interior designing of your bedroom.


Place the Bed in the Center of Room

The décor of a bedroom revolves around the bed so start by choosing the most appropriate place for it. Décor rules can vary according to the size of the bed. King size bed is good to keep in the center while a single bed can be placed at a corner.

We suggest checking the bed size chart before you place an order. Select stylish yet light-shaded curtains for windows because they too play an important part in the overall design.


Wall-Hung Side Tables Save Space

Side tables of bed occupy unnecessary space and if the room is small, you should prefer wall-hung drawers because they serve the same purpose. These drawers are usually fixed in the wall with smooth sliders.

If there is a single-size bed, a single wall-hung drawer is good enough to rely on. However, for a king-size bed, side tables are vital on both sides. Wall-hung customized drawers will let you save space from the floor.


Cover Windows with Stylish Curtains

Large windows add a spacious touch to a room because sunlight enters through them. However, curtains are still important to improve the ambiance of a room. You should prefer washable stuff instead of the dry clean option because it can prove a bit expensive if you need to get it done twice a month.

It is up to you whether you like to create a contrast or harmony. Curtains with similar shades may not look good enough but contrasting shade can help you achieve décor goals.


Coffee Chairs with Long Back

Once you are done with the bed, side tables, and curtains, next is to choose coffee chairs. You can find a variety of designs in the market but we suggest going for the ones with a long sleek back and wide seat. Small cushions on chair seats also look amazing.

A round or square center table between both chairs is vital to get the use you want. We recommend not going for extra wide coffee chairs because they occupy unnecessary space.


Design LED Wall

An LED-wall is necessary for a bedroom to enjoy movies while being cozy in the bed. LEDs should be installed in the center of the wall while leaving equal space on both sides left and right.

You can make cabinets in the surrounding area for keeping small items that can help in de-cluttering the place.

Small shelves are also vital near LEDs for keeping different decor pieces. This will improve the overall look of the room. If you need to choose an extra-large LED, most of the wall will be occupied for that so you can skip some cabinets as per the space available on the wall.


Ceiling Décor is Mandatory

Now rooms are not about decorating floor and walls only but improving the overall look of ceiling is also vital.

You should prefer multiple small LED round-shaped lights for ceilings and stylish woodwork is also mandatory. You should not underestimate the importance of lights in a room because classy globes always prove great in terms of improving the ambiance.

However, it is important to hire a well-reputed interior designer who can suggest the most suitable décor options for the bedroom.


Make Storage Cabinets

You have to start by giving it a spacious touch. For example, a cluttered room can never look spacious; Try to design the room with essentials only and this will help you get enough space to roam. Wardrobes in a bedroom or adjacent area are important for storing different things.

You should contact an experienced carpenter for this purpose because seamless appeal cannot be obtained unless the woodwork is done by an expert person.

However, you can buy customized wardrobes too but unlike unbuilt wardrobes, they do not prove durable. De-cluttering is possible only if you have spacious wardrobes. So, make sure to not compromise on it.


Style Up a Study Corner

You should consider some trendy ideas for styling up a boring corner in a room. Most of the time, a study table is good to choose for this purpose. A study corner will let you relax with all your favorite books.

Choose a comfortable chair to enjoy the reading time. The table should also have at least three drawers for keeping important documents. Stationary holders can help in keeping things perfectly organized.


Bring Indoor Plants

Indoor plants in the room can add an extra lavish touch. You must learn plant caring tips because dead leaves do not look good.

Indoor plants usually prove easy to care for, especially if you water them daily. Apart from it, the design of plant pots also matters a lot. We recommend choosing pots with unbreakable material.


Floor Lamps are Vital

When it comes to creating a lavish touch in the bedroom, you should prefer floor lamps that can light up the corner.

Wall-hung lamps are also important depending on your choice. Apart from it, some décor pieces, stylish vases, and table jars can also help in improving the room’s ambiance. Floor lamps are not expensive and do not require any sort of installation so you can choose them with freedom.



Classy bedroom décor is possible if you choose stuff as per the size of the room. The above-mentioned suggestions can help you achieve décor goals especially if you do not want to exceed the budget. In short, if you follow these tips, bedroom décor will not prove tough to you.

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